Nutra-Glo™ for Deer & Elk

Nutra-Glo for Ruminants is a nutritional feed supplement recommended for deer, elk, and all other ruminating (cud-chewing) animals. The product comes in liquid form and contains a combination of bio-available vitamins and minerals, organic chelates, and probiotic metabolites.


For more than ten years this product has stood strong and tall in the whitetail industry and has helped hundreds of deer breeders achieve new levels of herd-health, production, and overall success (see testimonials).

 It improves the nutritional value of the animal's diet, improves digestion, and improves its microbial health. This helps to more properly nourish the animal, and every organ within its system, including the heart, liver, and lungs. It also improves the health of the uterus, overies, folicles, and embryos...ultimately this healthier doe gives birth to healthier fawns, and as documented repeatedly (in our dairy trials), mothers give more milk and better milk.


Meanwhile the bucks bedded in the shade are chewing their cud and equally benefiting from improved nutrition, improved digestion, and improved circulation. This helps them grow more antlers and build stronger defenses against infection, pneumonia, foot problems, and other diseases.

Sick or underweight animals and slow appetites:
The dosage has also been doubled and tripled for sick, underweight, or slow appetite animals with (as reported) super results! A very high percent of deer farmers notice significant improvements in the over-all health and performance of their herds, including...

Hair Coat

Body Weight

More Active Deer

Less Pneumonia

Overall Health



Size of Yearlings

Wt. of Nursing Does

Conception Rates

Fawn Health

Less Diarrhea

Immune System

Antler Growth

And more...


Cost Breakdown: 

Fawns - 4¢-5¢/hd/day
Mature Whitetails - Approx. $30/hd/yr.
Elk - Approx. $45/hd/yr.

Nutra-Glo™ for Deer & Elk

  • Nutra-Glo™ is intended to be added to the horse's regular diet on a daily basis.It may be top dressed, mixed into complete feeds, or given orally.


    Nutra-Glo™ is easy to use, ready to use, and safe to use.It does not contain any hormones, drugs, live micro-organisms or GMO materials.

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